Do you need multiple timers that count down multiple events?


Timer Deluxe is for you...

Timer Deluxe is the multi-event countdown timer of your dreams. With Timer Deluxe you can have three timers active at the same time, each counting down up to 5 events. At any time you can change the time or name of an event. With a tap on your screen you can complete an event. Timer Deluxe has big 'Pause' and 'Resume' buttons so they can be easily pressed. Timer Deluxe displays the time remaining for each event, the total time remaining for all events, the total time since 'Restart', and the total elapsed time. Timer Deluxe is available for all Pocket PC devices (including Smart Phones with touch-screens) on which Windows .Net Compact Framework 2.0 can be installed (see Supported Device Operating Systems).




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SUPPORT: [If you require Timer Deluxe for a Windows PC, please write.]