Windows Mobile

Little apps. Please feel free to try the following line of mobile products from Twoopy Entertainment


Retro Dialer:

This retro phone dialer is a step back in time. Simply dial your party`s phone number and press the center of the screen to call. Your friends and family will be impressed with your retro style and that you know all the digits in their phone number!!! TOUCH SCREEN INSTRUCTIONS: Tap the numbers to dial and the center "Bell Telephone" logo to place the call. When dialing, the digits will appear in the menu bar. NON-TOUCH SCREEN INSTRUCTIONS: Type the digits on your keypad and press the ENTER key on your navigation controls to place the call.

Pocket PC version: Handango, PocketGear

Smartphone version: Handango, PocketGear


Counter: CountDown

Counts down the time to an event. Pocket PC or Windows. This program was originally made so U.S. Military members could count down the time until thier return. Therefore, the program will always remain free.


Dynamic Registration Library : Library

This .NET Framework 2.0 RPN Library enables developers to easily add Shareware or Demo functions to their applications. This library is supported by and making selling registered versions of your program a snap. (more)



Secure Your Application: SharewareLock

This PocketPC / Smartphone / Windows / WM5 / WM6 Library enables the developer to offer demo or trial software for a limited period of time with only two lines of code.


Multi-event CountDown: Timer Deluxe

This PocketPC / Smartphone / WM5 / WM6 program gives you 3 timers that each count down 5 events.



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