File Secure - by Twoopy Ent.
Secure your files with the GNU Privacy Guard Front-End for Windows

Use one of our free graphical user interfaces to manage your public and private keys. And use the other to encrypt and decrypt your documents for secure storage or transmission. (download version 1.0) [installation instructions]

Secure is very easy to use and supports file drag and drop. In fact, the design goal was to support file encryption and decryption on a user interface with one button and to reduce user input to the bare minimum.

This system was designed for customers that wish to keep their secret keys and the plain-text files on stand-alone computers that are physically separated from any network, yet still have a need to quickly send information from one such quarantined machine to another quarantined machine geographically separated across the country.  Encrypted files can be put onto thumb drives to be moved to a networked machine, or dragged straight into an email if you use this system on a networked machine.

Secure attempts to make GnuPG easier to use. And therefore, may not be in the spirit of GnuPG. While the GUI is robust, it does take some liberties by filling in some of the parameters. If you desire full control of your encryption settings, this program is not for you. However, if you just want to encrypt some files to send via e-mail or secure backup, then you are welcome to use Secure and SecureManager free of charge.

One important note is that we have turned the " --always-trust" option on. This was required due to limitations in GnuPG as of version Therefore, if you share your encrypted files with others, you should have your own key-sharing scheme to ensure that any public keys you import are from a trusted source.


Installation: There is no install program; follow these simple instructions and you'll be on your way.

  1. Install GnuPG compiled for Microsoft Windows (
  2. Copy this zip and unzip it anywhere on your Microsoft Windows System.
  3. Begin using SecureManager.exe to create your keys and Secure.exe to secure your files. [download the user manual]

Important note: This program requires the latest version of the .Net Framework (Available from Windows Update).


These programs are free to use. However we make no claims whatsoever and your use of these programs is an act of agreement to our licence policy and disclaimer found here.

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