Would you like to offer a demo or trial version of your Windows or Windows Mobile application? Would you like to offer a shareware version of your application?


Verifying.. the Shareware Lock Library

The results below are as easy to use as the Library (dll) that you would use in your application. The Library is very simple to use yet very secure. Your application's demo period is locked up tight. As you may have guessed there is more information in your Registration String than the number of days until your application times out..

You may paste your Registration String in the box below to verify the trial period

      Paste your Registration String in this box:


Number of Demo ('Trial') Days you wish to offer:
  note: this value will not count down (see below)

Is that all there is?

Basically, Yes. If you can copy the registration key into the box above, you can copy it into your application code. Then the property DemoDaysRemaining will tell you how many days remain in the users 'trial period'. You can call the Unlock() function to unlock the demo or reveal additional features in your software. If the user does something you don't like there is an optional ExpireDemoPeriod() function that removes any remaining demonstration days.

The DemoDaysRemaining property returns an integer. If the Integer is less than 0, the trial period is over. If the integer is from 0 to the Number of Demo Days you entered at http://www.twoopy.com/WindowsDev/Registration then the user is in the demo period. If the integer is greater than the number of Demo Days you entered (typically >999) then the software is unlocked.

All you have to do is provide the Registration method, the nag screens, and application logic which uses DemoDaysRemaining to enable or disable features in your application. P.S. - It's a good idea to leave your Registration method unlocked after DemoDaysRemaining begins returning a negative number.



The result on this web page will not count down the demo days remaining. The process of counting down the days is much more complicated than can easily be represented on this web page. Therefore, even if you leave your browser open for several days, the Number of Demo ('Trial') Days displayed above will always be the number you entered when generating your Registration String at http://www.twoopy.com/WindowsDev/Registration.


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