Internet Security

Providing peace of mind within The Global Network. Please feel free to try the following line of security products from Twoopy Entertainment

Secure Mail

Secure Mail:
PKI-Mail lets you send a secure message to anyone. Our secure e-mail is a great way to ensure your message is read only by the intended recipient. PKI-Mail costs only 5 cents per e-mail after your first 20 FREE messages. PKI-Mail works with all e-mail clients to include web mail..


Secure Messaging:
PKI-Chat has been the world's most secure chat program since 2003.


Secure Files: Secure
This front end to a leading Open Source encryption product (GNU Privacy Guard) makes key management and file encryption a snap.These two simple encryption tools are used by National Military planners to protect time critical sensitive information in a hostile environment.


Secure Your Application: SharewareLock
This PocketPC / Smartphone / Windows / WM5 / WM6 Library enables the developer to offer demo or trial software for a limited period of time with only two lines of code.


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