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PVR Mover:
PVR Mover is tool to help people compress their PVR files from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 format.  It works well with SageTV (, GB-PVR ( ), and oth), and other PVR software.  The compression is usually about 9:1 using the default settings.

    First, Some important information:
  • The program works in Vista and XP
  • It is mainly used to convert classes from BJU HOMESAT (if you are not compressing HOMESAT videos and your recordings have the word 'live' in them you will see some strange results)
  • It is mainly used to convert files that end in *.mpg athough it should convert any videos of any format recognized by Windows Media Encoder (WME)
  • The results of the WME compression
  • :
    • Will not be something you can make a DVD from
    • Can be recorded to DVD in data format (allowing you to fit about 9x more videos on the DVD)
    • Can only be played in a computer, Blue-ray device, X-BOX, Playstation 3, etc..
    • Will take a long time (the time varies based on computer performance but allow abouth the same amount of time as it took to record the video to convert it.)
  • Do not attempt to run the conversion on a computer with only one CPU.  At least a dual-core should be used.  We have seen the MCE skip segments on a single core machine.
  • When running the conversion you CPU will and should stay pegged at nearly 94% until the conversion is complete.  If it is running at 100% consistantly you should use a better computer because you are probaby damaging your video files.  The benefit of all the time and CPU usage is a video file that takes up 9 times less space on your hard drive, memory stick, or disk.

To download the program Click here .  Click the Install button the first time.  It will install any necessary files (the Microsoft one may take a while) and will henceforth be available on your Start button under the folder 'Twoopy Entertainment'.  Each time the program is run it will automatically check for an update.

  • Requirements:
  • This program requires the Windows Media Encoder 9 from Microsoft in order to convert & cut your videos:
    • If you have Vista you will need both the WME and the Vista patch
    • All requirements are available for free from Microsoft (here)
  • On first run you should set your options by clicking Tools, Options:
    • The first option only pertains if you are using GB-PVR.  Use it to locate GB-PVR's 'recording-dump.xml' file.  As of this writing the file is written each day by GB-PVR at 2:00 AM.  So, if you have a new install of GB-PVR you may not see the file.
    • The second option is the folder where your PVR program has been told (by you presumably) where to store its videos.  This will vary based upon the PVR software you are using.
    • The third button is a temporary folder that will store your videos WHILE THEY ARE BEING CONVERTED.  This program has a tool that will help you move files from GB-PVR or your other PVR software to THIS FOLDER in preparation for the conversion process.  I call my folder 'D:\Conversion Processing' but you may call it what you prefer.
    • The fourth button lets you choose the folder to store your videos AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN CONVERTED.  This is where you will process (a.k.a. 'cut') your videos.  I call my folder 'D:\Finished Videos' but again you may choose your own folder name.
    • The Quality slider lets you choose the quality and size of your converted videos.
    • The checkbox (if checked) will automatically close some windows for you...  ..saving one button click each time you move your files around.
  • The program has 5 buttons:
    • GB-PVR:  This button will open up a window that will assist you in moving files from GB-PVR to your compression folder.  It will only move files that you have 'checkmarked' and will do some nice renaming while the files are being moved.  Please note that GB-PVR saves its log file at 2:00 AM each day so this tool will only help you move the previous day's recordings.
    • PVR:  This button will open up a window that will assist you in moving files from PVR to your compression folder.  It will only move files that you have 'checkmarked' and will do some nice renaming while the files are being moved.
    • Compress:  This button will start the compression process.  Heed the warning.  If you do not use the 'Cleanup' button you will keep compressing the same files over and over.
    • Cleanup:  This button will move the converted files to your finished video folder and erase the original files.
    • WMV Editor:  This button can be used to launch a program that can cut your videos (a.k.a. 'blockfeeds').
  • There is also an area towards the bottom of the main window (represented by the 'file copy icon') that can assist you in making multiple copies of any file in any folder.  Set the number of copies using the up-down selector and drag your file to the icon.

Thank you for using PVR Mover.